If we named the four constituents, if you will, in health care we would obviously list the recipients of health care, the people, the primary providers of this health care, the doctors and nurses, the regulators of this health care, the government, the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies.  This seems clearly obvious and no one would contest the this listing of players.  People will more than likely start having problems if I had said that of these four players the government and the people are minor players at best and have very little to say on how health care is delivered in America. If I said that between the insurers and the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry had the most influence on health care delivery in America many people would protest and claim this an outlandish statement. If I said that the largest influence of all, the shadow influence exercising power over all the other players, that controls the whole industry was a cartel of private international banks, well, 90% of you would claim this is just delirious paranoid thinking not supported whatsoever by reality based facts.  Though it would not necessarily be that easy, I am confident that a case could credibly be made to substantiate this statement. The attempt to do so would clearly be beyond the scope of this piece because it would entail an analysis of factors that go much beyond health care and we would have to delve into a fairly basic but still relative detailed breakdown of the entire financial structure of our so called economy. However, I hope to be able to make a credible case here that Big Pharma is, by far, the largest mover in determining how health care is delivered in the United States.

We do this by first making some verifiable statements. First I must qualify this verification by published figures by saying it depends on what sources one goes to get one’s figures.  If one goes to enough sources one can average and compare the reported data and come up with a figure that is more or less consistent with other reported figures and could thusly be determined to be not wholly un reliable. On this basis the total annual revenues of the United States pharmaceutical industry surpasses $US 300 billion.  This is about equivalent to the GDP of Denmark and about equal to the United States real estate business which is tied with the pharmaceutical business in amount of revenues among U.S.industries.  Of course, real estate is a very broad term and eventually when one says real estate one has to practically equate it with the banking industry and we again quickly get beyond the scope of this piece. The petroleum industry has revenues well in excess of US$ 300 billion annually but the petroleum business is not involved in health care in any significant way.  The medical insurance industry may come close to the revenue figures of the pharmaceutical industry but it is hard to find reported figures- The pharmaceutical industry is reported to have the highest profit margins on revenues of all U.S. businesses. The industry itself reports an ROI of 10% and some financial analysts claim that a figure of 19 % would be more representative.  This is quite an impressive number considering that most U.S. businesses have a ROI of about 2-3 %.   This gives the pharmaceutical industry a lot of cash to throw around for influence peddling and a truly enormous amount if one considers that influence peddling as a budget item may very well come out of expenses/liabilities and not profits.  This is a consideration also way beyond the scope of this piece. We must also bear in mind that an industry or business in our economy enjoys this kind of profitability for two predominant reasons. One, the industry enjoys a significant design/technology advantage over its competitors, or two, it is a cartel that enjoys significant protection and subsidies not enjoyed by its competitors.  There is only one source of protection and subsidies in the American economy and these emoluments are bought by lobbying dollars.

 We usually think of the attack industry has spending the most money on lobbying or influence peddling. This turns out not to be the case. Big Pharma spends nearly three times more on lobbying that the entire military industrial complex. Of course, there are many reasons for this, the main one being that the attack industry hardly has to convince anyone to throw money its way. A strong attack sector is an indisputable given in our permanent war economy.  However, it may take some effort to convince doctors and all of us that we need all them pills.

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Since 26,000 pages of legislation do in fact exist, isn’t it reasonable that one asks some questions on what some of the implications of having such a voluminous act are and to also inquire if the implications arrived at can go beyond the level of pure conjecture?  Is it safe to say that no one nucleus of experts could have written 26,000 pages of legislation and that it would be logical to assume that a it involved a large agglomeration of groups of experts working over a considerable time frame.  No one group could possibly hold any meaningful grasp of the totality of 26,000 pages of legislation in any coherent way. Would it be reasonable assume that each group had a competent grasp of only that portion of the legislation to which they were assigned responsibility or in which they had expertise? However, there had to be a coordinator and liaison person between the working groups and the Administration who could be relied upon to report back on questions and requests for details that were inevitably ound to come up.. After all, this was ostensibly a part of “legislative” process and some form of accountability, however spurious, had to be present.  What if somebody had the audacity to ask for details of the “done deal” Well, there was such a liaison person, Liz Powell, a lawyer and Senior Vice President of one of the larger medical insurance companies. Who knows who appointed her to this position, how she was appointed, what her exact function as a liaison person was, or how she was to perform this function. Only two things are really known about Liz Fowler.  One, she came from the insurance industry and two, returned to a very lucrative position in the insurance industry immediately after Obummer Care became law.

A principle feature of Obummer Care is its sheer complexity and skillful opacity. A lot of things can be hidden in 26,000 pages of legislation and as time goes on many unpleasant surprises will be popping out of its 26,000 pages to surprise everyone.  Just one of these myriad surprises that most people don’t know about is a reference to Federal legislation that was passed in 1993 that dealt with a provision of Medicaid called the “estate recovery provision”.  Prior to Obummer Care this provision had very little impact, if any, on the beneficiaries of Medicaid recipients as they were all indigent patients with no assets.  This situation has changed significantly since the near total collapse of the economy since 2008.  It is important to keep in mind that more than 30% of Obummer Care enrollees are newly qualified Medicaid Patients under the new qualifying guidelines of Obummer Care. The percentage of future enrollees to Obummer Care will increasingly be Medicaid enrollees as economic conditions the financial condition of the average American are bound to continue to worsen. What is the significance of increasing Medicaid rolls besides the fact that these new enrollees will be further overburdening a system already severely strained.  Many of these patients in heavily populated States like California whose medical system is already under heavy strain are finding that although they have insurance “on the books”, there are no facilities they can go to where they can receive medical care. The real significance of this increase in new enrollees into Medicaid, in contrast to past enrollees, is that these new enrollees have some assets. Take a person who finds himself in the most exposed and vulnerable segment of the population under Obummer care, those in the age 50 to 65 cohort. Say this person had some savings and some assets in his home. He lost the job that enabled him to accumulate these modest assets in the first place.Now his prospects of finding employment again at a similar level of income prior to his last job  or finding any employment at all are slim to none.  There are millions of people in this situation. This person now becomes one the millions of “newly qualified “ Medicaid enrollees under Obummer Care. We could also consider current beneficiaries of Medicare who due to changes in the economy and very likely austerity cuts to  Medicare  will also have to drop down to becoming a Medicaid beneficiary.  Let’s say that these “newly qualified “ beneficiaries are even able to access medical care through their new qualifications.  Under the “estate recovery provisions” whatever expenses that were disbursed by the government on health care can be recovered through the “estate recovery provision”  through a government seizure of any and all personal assets. This provision also assures that assets cannot be protected by transfer of title or through  probate to family or relatives.  A person can be financially ruined by being an indigent who received medical care from the government.  Who do you think these “recovered assets” are going to go to?  To meaningfully answer this question would put us in the realm of “conspiracy theory” that is so obvious that tolabel it conspiracy theory becomes ridiculous. Isn’t it beyond irony that a health care reform bill that was touted to be a great gift to the American people who were increasingly finding adequate health care to be either unaffordable or unavailable now could find themselves in financial ruin by a “gift” that was negotiated behind closed doors by the medical care industry racketeers and a fraudulent President. This is Obama’s great gift to the American people.

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A fact that would clearly show that it could not have been the Heritage Foundation that wrote the actual legislation for Obummer Care would be to ask some very obvious questions. Considering that the legislation in its entirety consists of about 26,000 pages, one could easily ask how many man hours would it take to coherently write 26,000 pages of legislation? For the sake of illustration, 26,000 pages is very conservatively about 75 350 page three ring binders. Anyone who has worked with three ring binders knows a 350 page three ring binder is a pretty thick binder.  How many man hours would it take to write 75 of these. An examination of a personnel list of the Heritage Foundation shows that they have a policy staff of about 70 experts of one sort or another.  These people surely have other things to occupy their professional time with than the colossal tedium of drafting 26,000 pages of legislation. Another consideration much more significant than coming up with some speculative time number that it would take to draft 26,000 words of legislation, would be to ask how many staff at the Heritage Foundation would have sufficient detailed knowledge of all the intricacies  of the health care business sufficient to draft 26,000 pages of implementation guidelines and enforcement regulations that would guarantee a profitable bottom line.  Clearly Obama didn’t draft 26,000 pages of legislation and clearly it wasn’t anyone in Congress or any Congressional Committee who wrote  the act.  Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say they needed to pass the Act so we could see what was in it.  Surely this was one of the most comic Congressional announcements of the Obama years. Doesn’t a mind boggling question come to mind now?  Isn’t it one of the major functions of Congress according to the Constitution to draft and pass legislation? Isn’t Obummer Care touted to be one of the major legislative acts of modern times? So, does this mean a major piece of legislation was passed and Congress was hardly involved in its drafting.  All this begs the rhetorical question that if it wasn’t the Hertitage Foundation, Obama ( not permitted by the Constitution, of course ), or Congress who drafted the legislation, who did? Who are the ONLY people who had the time, resources, staff, and detailed knowledge to draft 26,000 pages of implementation and enforcement regulations that produce a guaranteed profitable bottom line? Doesn’t this question beg any number of other alarming questions?  Even for a power block that had the time, staff, resources, and expertise, it would still be a major, gargantuan effort to draft 26,000 pages of coherent legislation.  Would it be reasonable to state that Obummer Care was a done deal long before Obama ran for President?  Isn’t the United States health care system the only health care system in the industrial world that is clearly stated to be profit motivated.  In this kind of economic system do people who enjoy monopoly profits readily and voluntarily give them up for the public good?  Has this ever happened in our economic history?

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There is one aspect of Obummer Care that got quite a lot of play in what could kindly be considered the conservative alternative media but didn’t get hardly any, if any play at all,  in the mainstream media. This aspect is the sheer size of the text of the legislation that makes up Obummer Care. While the bill was being drafted and before it formally passed in March, 2014 statements as to its length that were being bandied about ran anywhere from 2000 to 3000 pages. Granted this 1000 page difference is by far not insignificant. A lot of legislation can be covered in 1000 pages. However, I will try to show it does not really matter what the actual length of the bill is because there is a comparative order of magnitude involved that makes the exact number of pages irrelevant. In any regard, since the bill is now official, it is included in its entirety in the Federal Register. Obummer Care consists of two parts. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education and Reconciliation Act. Just the first part is 1909 pages long. Therefore the estimates of the “conservative” alternative media were not that overblown and exaggerated by any means.  It is an interesting fact to know that the 1909 pages of the “main body” of the bill are on three column per page small font size pages. This for me would already be a fact from which I could raise a lot of questions that no one, in my reading, at least, has raised.. Last year for the purposes of this piece I arrived at a figure of 2700 pages of no column regular size font as being a reasonable estimate for the text length of this legislation. It is now revealed by the Federal Register that I was not too far off.  Again, the exact number of pages is irrelevant. What is relevant are the questions that can be reasonably raised about the sheer size of this bill.  Raising questions about anything having to do with Obama or anything associated with him is the last thing any of Obama’s benighted supporters do.

Even the most fervid supporter of Obummer Care doesn’t have any major problems with the very prevalent idea that Obummer Care was  “written” by the Heritage Foundation.  If we remember the fact that the original 1989 Heritage Foundation monograph was 140 pages long, isn’t it reasonable to ask who wrote the remaining 2560 pages of Obummer Care. We reasonably concluded that the Heritage Foundation monograph was a general ideological statement and summary of the principles of a politically acceptable  health care program that coincided with Republican Part ideology. I will support this conclusion below.  Of course, it is possible that the monograph could also have included broad policy guidelines for the implementation of this newly proposed health care program.  Would the 2560 page difference between Obummer Care and the Heritage Foundation monograph simply be a continuation of the tenets of Republican Party ideology? If it were, it would probably be considered a major work of political philosophy.  This is hardly what the purpose of legislation is, is it?  Wouldn’t it be much more reasonable to conclude that the remaining 2560 pages cover policy details for the implementation of Obummer Care.  Would it take 2560 pages to outline policy and implementation details that are intended to be for the benefit of the beneficiaries of this great gift to the American people, Obummer Care.  This notion becomes outlandish when one considers that the entire Canadian universal health care plan was covered in 13 pages.  Just the Table of Contents of Obummer Care is more than 13 pages long.  These questions become even more pertinent when one considers that for every word of the Obummer Care Act, 30 additional words of addenda and enforcement regulations were written.  This means that these addenda comprise nearly 12 million words or 20,000 pages!  Pictures of this over seven foot high stack of paper were widely disseminated on the Internet at the time of the drafting of Obummer Care. Now, to whose benefit would it be to include 20,000 pages of detailed enforcement regulations?  Do the American people need to be benefited by 20,000 pages of ENFORCEMENT regulations.  What other modern industrial country has a health care law that is nearly 3000 pages long and which is further buttressed by 20,000 pages of enforcement regulations. Why has no one asked this question?  I am going to give you this great gift and to make sure you really enjoy it I am going to write 20,000 pages of rules and regulations to make sure that you do enjoy it, or else.  I am doing all this because I have your best interests at heart. The sheer size of Obummer Care just begs the question of who are the real beneficiaries of this “health care reform”.


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No Brains Needed

Does it really take a brain to figure any of this stuff out.  Tell me if I am oversimplifying or erring in my observations. The Democrats have been governing for six years now.  The following is what has transpired during this time in no particular order:

Despite the constant spinning of the numbers the economy continues to stagnate for the average citizen.

No one can really say who the “average citizen” is anymore.

The concentration of wealth and the disparity in income levels continues unabated.

Dirty oil continues to flow through “KXL equivalents” regardless of the political theater spinning around KXL.

TPP/TAP and the assault on national sovereignty continue to be aggressively pushed.

The Federal Reserve continues to act in complete secret autonomy.

Despite rapidly growing citizen protest the practice of fracking expands.

The prospect of permanent war in the Middle East is now almost a certainty.

The outsourcing of military activities using both domestic contractors and foreign proxies continues.

All the questions as to the legality and morality of drone murder continue.

The relationship with Israel will not change and the real national security threat this relationship constitutes will continue.

Bail outs and bail ins of Wall Street banks will continue.

The derivative market and the clear threat it is to a stable financial system continues to grow and remains unregulated.

The resurrection of the Cold War will grow unabated.

Military expansion throughout the globe will continue.

Nothing will continue to be done about climate change.

The assault on Social Security and Medicare will continue.

The assault on public education will continue.

Budget cuts in important social areas will continue.

What is left of the manufacturing sector of the economy will continue to get gutted.

Pervasive domestic surveillance and the violation of Constitutional rights will continue.

This list can easily be expanded. The above should work adequately for the illustration of my point which was it doesn’t take any brains to figure this stuff out.  It doesn’t matter why the situation I as it is. Any argument in this direction is futile and serves no purpose. It is sufficient to notice that this is simply the way things are. It is futile to argue why simply because we all know even with the trouncing the Democrats got during the mid-terms nothing is going to change.  Everyone knows this.  Even if the Republicans win in 2016 nothing  will change.  It is futile also to argue if the Republicans are any different from the Democrats. Fundamentally? Any differences that may exist are simply elements of style required to play in the Grand Circus of the Two Ring One Ring Circus of the Terminally Absurd.  How can I make such a statement?  Well, I just told you. You know in your no brain of no brains that nothing fundamentally will change.  Don’t forget to vote.  It’s important.

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Buddha and the Chicks


This is going to be interesting. It is the first time I respond to a FugBuch comment on the blog. It gives me all the advantages I foresee for the blog. Namely: it allows me to respond with much more editorial control than is afforded me on FB as I’m in Word; I can respond without thinking about all the people I am burdening with my great profundity and clarity, i.e., all the peeps on FB who could give one holy fuck about my P&C, as it should be, as this is how the world works; I can “go on” and on with much more liberty and many less constraints than I can on FB; and perhaps, most importantly I can always easily retrieve my “on and ons” and redirect interested parties to these following on and ons stating I have already covered this here, or hey, moeron, we already went over this. Pay fucking attention.

I think there are peeps out there who prolly have some interest to one degree or another in my P&C, but they due to whatever defects or virtues of character or personality they are certainly in their full blown bourgeois neuroses not going to let on to this fact even in the minimum way.  Well. This is not entirely true.  A few have let me know of their perhaps marginal interest in my stuff in some sneaky little neurotic ways. Big deal. They’re still my friends, but you know what? I don’t have the time nor inclination to fuck around with this kind of… shit.  I got stuff to do. Heights to climb.  Knowm’ sayin’-

OK. So now I am at word 275 and I haven’t even hinted at what I am responding to.  Something that I could never get away mit on Fug Buch.

Now. I am not saying that the following categorization is what the original comment was about without going too far off the mark.  I am relatively sure he, the commentor, will let me know if I am..going off the mark.  However, I cannot be certain about this.  It won’t be the first time I’ve commented, at his request, mind you, and have never gotten a reply.  Narry a Tennessee songbird peep in merit.  I think he decided to stay on the commode and pick at his Les Paul instead.

His comment was about freedom fundamentally. He uses the words autonomy, heteronomy, and autarchy to arrive at his quasi conclusions.  Before I sally forth, as always, it is necessary that we define terms so we eliminate to the extent possible any ambiguity of discussion.  I think a fundamental discussion on freedom can very well be arrived at through the portals of autonomy, heteronomy, and autarchy.  Good choices.

Autonomy, in the context we are talking about,  I define as fundamental, independent, moral agency.  It is the ability to arrive at one’s own principles of moral agency through rational, uncoerced inquiry.  The inquiry is one of radical empiricism and reflection through which one arrives at a clear understanding of the fundamental nature of oneself and one’s interaction with the ten thousand things, as the Buddhists would say, or with Reality, poot etre, as the Western Enlightenment tradition would have it. One freely chooses to act in the world on the basis of this slef-discovered and revealed understanding not because doing so accrues one any personal benefit or because well shit I just dig it. One acts in accordance with this understanding because it is with noumenal and supra noumenal clarity revealed to be a categorical truth in the Kantian sense.  In its most ideal expression, this is what drives anarchy. No outside, imposed rule.

Heteronomy differs from autonomy in that it boils down to a big oh whatthefuckever.  Sounds cool.  I can dig it. I can see how I make out purty good in this system. OK, man, you got my vote. I’m your man. By the way, how much is my monthly gubmint handout going to be. Oh, cool. Just checking.  Go boss up a storm. I got your back. Drone?  Whatever. Just keep them checks coming. That’s heteronomy.

Autarchy is see this club?  Shut the fuck up before I shove it up your ass.  That’s autarchy.

Now the above is standard freshman moral philosophy.  Nothing new here.  Below follows some totally quasi-original Nucci Shit.  The good stuff.

For the sake of discussion let’s say there are four domains we need to account for in any discussion of fundamental freedom.  They are all karmic domains. The domains are the genetic, the core family, the social, and the cultural.  This shit comes with your body. No fucking way out.  I hope it will be sufficient to just skim through these domains to get a working understanding of them. If this is not sufficient, then you need to stop wasting your time here and go do something more constructive.  Go do up a bowl of jello or something and I’ll join you later.  Raspberry is cool.

You’re more or less stuck with your genetics.  It’s the hand you were dealt.  That’s what you have to sit at the table with. Now. Granted there can be a lot of discussion on what the five or seven dealt cards are. Fine. Or there can be the discussion of nature/nurture. All legit items of discussion but when you get right down to it it’s all grand fuckery.

Your core family. Hey your Mom or Dad or mom and dad substitutes are who they are/were.  They got/had their egoic trips going and prolly going to or did dump a shit load on to you in your basically naked ass exposed vulnerable and dependent time with them.  Some heavy, big time numbers can be heaped on your ass here.  What’s crucial to realize is that you’re not stuck by any means with any of this stuff.  You can dump it at will and with developed insight at the appropriate developmental stage.  Yeah, right.  Rots a ruck on that one, Hashimoto.

Society starts at say age five mit kindergarten and goes all the way through all your suck ass schooling,  all your suck ass marriages and your suck ass jobs and suck ass retirement.  Enough said on this. Yuk.

Culture. Your culture. Is the water you swim in as a fish.  You have the slightest idea, not even a minimal kalew about what this is about till your sorry ass is jerked out of your water and you’re gasping for breath flopping around on some hot beach somewhere with no cultural interpreters. And plus you need to dig the water other fish are swimming in too.  Good fucking luck.  How many people even get here.  Jung more or less said that full individuation, what I am defining as fundamental freedom, has to be achieved in all four realms.  He estimated that there was the proverbial chances of a fart bubble in a Jacuzzi to accomplish this.  That’s why I have no space in my traveling bag for zen dudes who spend their whole lives sucking green tea in Japan on the zen trip in  Nihongo and always travel with their high dander costumes and mattcha set.  Fuggdatshit.  How bout digging some potatoes in Russia. In broken ass Russian.  HUH? Like that.

Why is this on and on called Buddha and the Chicks?  Buddha said no chicks in the sangha.  Didn’t have the right stuff. Next time around maybe. So sorry.  Ananda  goes DUDE!!! Are you FUCKING NUTS!!! After a while The Big B Boy goes oh OK.

See  what I’m saying.  Fundamental freedom a hard lollypop to get. Dig?


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There was a time long before I started reading a lot about and really looking at  Obummer Care, the time when this great blessing from heaven, Obama was first running for President that I had some vague notions that this great health care reform of which he was going to be the herald was finally going to be the advent of “free health care” in America.  After all, since my parents enjoyed the benefits of free health care in Italy, why not I in America, this most prosperous of all countries. Since I thought this way I am assuming many others too thought this way.  I am sure there are not too many people left today who hold such ludicrous notions except maybe the incorrigibly hopeless amongst Obama’s largely illiterate lumpen proletariat base. There are a lot of public policies that may work in a prosperous, expanding economy but which are bound for certain disastrous failure in a stagnant, much less, shrinking and collapsing economy. Let us now look at the economic context in which Obummer Care is coming into being.

Since 2013 or earlier there has never been a month in which the number of recipients of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, commonly called the food stamp program has not increased. As of October 2014 this number of benefit recipients stands at 46.5 million people which is more than 10 million more people than the entire population of Canada.  These kind of numbers cannot be indicators of a healthy, growing economy that can absorb disastrous policies. There are any number of way our government spins the actual state of our economy.  For example,  If the number of former job holders who previously were employed and have since ceased to look for work for unavailable work were included in the numbers of the currently unemployed, according to Department of Labor numbers, the real  present unemployment rate would be approaching or slightly over 13% and not the fantastical, deceitful numbers touted blatantly by Obama himself onstantly in public pronouncements.. He has long learned that a great swath of the American public will readily and willingly believe whatever he says. There are any number of ways the Administration has learned to cook the economic numbers, many of which were tutored to Bill Clinton by his handlers who are the same people who pull the strings on Barak Obama. Detailing these deceitful shenanigans is much beyond the scope of this piece. I will simply list some pertinent indicative numbers that can be readily corroborated by many sources that will come u on a simple Google search. John Williams’ site Shadow Statistics is a site generally considered as being professional and reliable by many credible by many writers on the economy. According to this site the current unemployment rate in America stands at 23% plus. This was the unemployment rate during the Great Depression. The United States is currently experiencing the lowest labor force participation rate since the 1950’s.  The labor force participation rate is the ratio between the increase of working age population to the number of officially available jobs. A most alarming and almost unbelievable numbers are those that indicate the current finances of American families. These numbers indicate that more than half of all American families have cash savings of a $1000 or less and could not raise an emergency $400 without borrowing from friends and/or family. 60% + of all American families say that a $2000 emergency would be financially disastrous to them. You could ask what bearing do any of these statistics have on the viability Obummer Care?  The lowest out of pocket expenses on any non Medicaid plan made available on Obummer Care, even to those who qualify for subsidies, which is entirely another disastrous can of worms waiting to be opened, is between $2500 and $6500. I would say these numbers have a lot to say about Obummer Care and more and more families are quickly recognizing this. When you have nothing how do you come up with $2500 to $6500 extra for medical expenses. There are any number of other indicators of the dire straits towards which the American economy is heading that are beyond the scope of this piece on Obummer Care. The most alarming indicator is that any number of economic forecasters see no possible improvements in the American economy for at least the next ten years. It must be acknowledged that many of these forecasters have been trumpeting economic collapse for over four years now. So far so good, but almost every economic prognosticator says it is not a question of if our economy will melt down again, but when this event will occur. The most interesting and unexplainable statistical anomaly I found in my reading is that between 2008 and 2014 the working age  population grew by 13.4 people while the labor force only increased by one million. This works out to an unemployment rate of 91.8%!.  Clearly, something is very amiss in the state of the American economy. Unfortunately, the pushers of Obummer Care blithely ignored this reality.  Their interest was not in bringing affordable, quality health care to all Americans, but to make as much money as possible  while it was still possible to make money.

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